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The Chabad Schneerson Center for Jewish life, CT is dedicated to strengthening Jewish pride and identity in the community of Westport, Weston, Wilton, Norwalk and surrounding areas by promoting Jewish study, cultural and social activities and celebration. We are committed to serving individuals and families looking for a non-judgmental, accepting, personalized Jewish experience where everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable regardless of affiliation or background.

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The Schneerson Center’s numerous programs and activities provide the education to promote Jewish knowledge, awareness and practice to experience our Jewish heritage connecting us to our past, present and future.

The Schneerson Center encourages positive action on the part of each Jew and offers its educational programs to all Jewish organizations, synagogues and groups in its efforts to increase Jewish knowledge and observance.

We place emphasis on the mystical experience behind the "rituals and traditions" of Judaism. Our goal is to penetrate beyond the world that appears to our physical senses and to be absorbed in a higher, spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is regarded as true and real. The awareness and experience of it is priceless.

Our philosophy, way of life, mission, inclusive approach in serving G-d and reaching out to our fellow Jew and all of mankind, is based on the teaching of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. 

Rabbi Schneerson inspired us to reach out to all Jews with unconditional love and to provide an opportunity for meaningful, life enhancing spiritual experiences; through innovative programming, learning and prayer, all in a non judgmental accepting environment.  The Rebbe also taught us that in our role as a light unto the nations, we must work together with people of good will of all faiths, to make the world a better place by promoting acts of goodness and kindness. 

The Schneerson Center for Jewish Life, CT is based on the ideology of Chabad Lubavitch, which emphasizes the enriching of our daily life experience with a comprehensive religious life system, based on intellect leading to action . This way of life is embodied in the Hebrew acronym ChaBaD, standing for wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  Chabad encompasses the precept of combining the love of G-d and the love of mankind, and to actualize that love with Actions and expressions of loving kindness. The Schneerson Center helps to develop the spiritual inner-self of the person. Manifesting the concept that Jewishness or Judaism is not merely a weekend religion, but a way of life. 

We take pride in creating an ambiance of love and acceptance by teaching  tolerance and awareness of G-dliness to all.          

Schneerson Center for Jewish Life, CT Q & A

Q: What is Chabad

A: Embracing the philosophy of the Chabad Lubavitch Movement, which originated in the town of Lubavitch in White Russia during the 18th century, Chabad's underlying doctrine is "Ahavat Yisrael" (love for a fellow Jew). Chabad recognizes no differences between Jews; its goal is to serve the spiritual and physical needs of each Jew regardless of affiliation or backround,  with understanding, sensitivity and with love.

By means of a rare combination that blends traditional Judaism with modern day techniques, Chabad has found the formula to develop a rapport with the most alienated of Jews and to enhance their Jewish outlook. By arousing an intellectual and/or emotional interest in our faith, Chabad has become the catalyst to connect Jews with their Jewish roots and revive the sparks of Jewish consciousness in the hearts and minds of each Jew.

Q: Do I have to be Orthodox to participate in programs offered by the Schneerson Center?

A: The Schneerson Center is inclusive and non-judgmental and our programs are open to all.  In fact, the majority of people who participate in programs at the Schneerson Center would not consider themselves to be Orthodox.  The teachings of Chabad are imbued with the renowned Chassidic spirit and joy, but in no way is the commitment to an Orthodox lifestyle a prerequisite to one's acceptance at Chabad functions.

Q: Is the goal of Chabad to make me Orthodox?

A: our goal at the Schneerson Center is not out to make one Orthodox. we are an educational organization dedicated to helping every Jew, regardless of background, affiliation, or personal level of observance, to increase their level of Jewish knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment an observance.  At the Schneerson Center we invite you to explore the complex areas of Jewish religion, tradition, and practice in an open-minded and non-judgmental atmosphere.  All of our classes, programs, and services are designed to heighten the awareness and lend valuable insight into one's heritage, traditions, religious practice, laws and rituals.  Each individual is invited to participate, study, and learn.  Each individual makes his or her own respective religious lifestyle decisions at his or her own pace. Each mitzvah stands on its own as an important step in ones personal growth.

Q: Does Chabad consider Reform, Conservative, or non-practicing Jews as "real" Jews?

A:  A Jew is a Jew is a Jew – period. Chabad avoids labeling other Jews, since it tends to divide and create barriers between us.  Jewish Law has traditionally considered anyone born of a Jewish mother or converted in accordance with Halacha to be a Jew, regardless of his or her degree of observance.  We have one Torah, we are one People, and we have one G-d. Chabad endeavors to bring unity among the Jewish community through our common bond of Jewish faith and observance.

Q: Do women occupy a secondary position in Chabad philosophy?

A: Secondary? No! The high standing of Jewish women in Chabad is central to the survival of Judaism. As the cornerstone of Jewish family life, the woman can attain a profound and meaningful spirituality, one that fulfills her deepest needs and aspirations opening fresh perspectives on self-understanding, growth and Torah knowledge. Ignorance, misconceptions, and outright myths about Jewish women have prevailed until very recently, turning many people away from an appreciation of Torah and a traditional Jewish lifestyle. Chabad is working hard to correct those misconceptions.


Our Spiritual LeaderRabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson ob"m 

The Lubavitcher Rebbe gives Gershon Jacobson (Chanie's Maternal Grandfather) a coveted bottle ofwine for "Kos Shel Brocha" Cup of blessing where the Rebbe would usually give each person asmall drop of wine, the bottle signifies the Rebbe's special relationship with Gershon.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rabbi J.J. Hecht OB"M at a Lag Ba'omer parade.Rabbi Hecht Chairman of the NCFJE also served as the Rebbe's translator.(Rabbi J.J. Hecht is Chanie Stone's paternal Great Uncle)

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